Open Life Drawing Class

Two hours life drawing at Konstnärshuset, with Sissel Wibom

Medium: Coal on newspaper sketchpad, A2

Having only done life drawing in evening classes the pace of this was a bit of a shock. There was no feedback, no information or tips – just high intensity drawing. There were 20 poses in sequence with a short break in the middle: 5 x 2min, 3 x 5 min, 2 x 10 min – break – 2 x 10 min, 3 x 5 min, 5 x 2 min

It has been a while since my last life drawing class so I needed the first ones to get my bearings on the paper. By the 5 min poses I had found my stride and worked satisfactorily until the end of the second part, when I got really tired in my head.

Working from short poses to longer ones seemed natural. However, the other way round I found very difficult. I again lost track of the scale with the shorter poses at the end.

Proportion and Foreshortening

I had problems with proportion and fitting the whole body on the page. I tend to draw in different scales so that the head and torso are much larger than the arms and legs. When I tried to begin with the feet I had no room for the head instead. I did try to mark top, bottom and middle to begin with but forgot about them when I had started drawing.

I noticed that I like seated and other compact and twisted poses better than standing ones. The risk for the two scales gets less I think. And I like extreme foreshortening. Maybe the angles and shapes are so unexpected and strange that I am not distracted by what I know.

Left hand drawing

I used an A2 sketch pad of newspaper paper with a rather weak cardboard back. By the end of class my hand holding the pad straight ached so I changed hands. I love using my left (weaker) hand. I somehow feel the act of drawing/writing more acutely than when doing what I always do. I like the quality of the lines, although they are a bit wobbly. I want to use it more. It could be a way to unhinge the controle I put on everything?



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