This week’s sketches

I have a new – and bigger – sketchbook for my train sketches. A new pen, too. Both make sketching harder, I feel. A5 needs considerably more detail than did A6 and errors in shape or perspective are more obvious. With the new pen I have abandoned the skratchy marks and try instead to draw single lines. This needs some getting used to. However, I think it is good for me to see where I make mistakes.

I have been to the Opera with my sketchbook. The black clad musicians in the dark and black painted orchestra pit were interesting, as the instruments and the musicians’ hands and faces were what was visible while their clothes faded into the background.


I also began to feel that I am looking differently after working on my course. I look at things that interest me and think about what kind of medium/marks I would use to draw them. Some I tried out in my sketchbook.

Direction of lines: vertical on land, horizontal in the water. I like the idea but the horizontal lines need to really be horizontal
The station at 6 in the morning. Lifting out of all the lighter parts from a dark background.

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