Spinnoff to Dramatic Marks

The exercise about dramatic marks seems to have struck a cord with me. I don’t want to let it go just yet and keep coming back to it with my inks and sketchbook. The inks I use won’t lift off easily so I used this technique only in the first one.



Pelican nib pen ink, water and acrylic marker (white) on cartridge paper.

I tried to achieve an effect of light backlighting a nondescript foreground. I was not trying to depict anything here.



The other two started in a similar way although I built the tones up instead of using lift off. For the fire picture I started with a rough frame in undiluted ink and draged that into the centre with clear water. I then emptied my brush on the oposite page, first diluted and then some short marks in undiluted ink. I then let the images inspire me to add colour, trees, snow and crows to amplify what I saw in them. I worked on them simultaneously and let them inspire each other.

Black, yellow and red calligraphy ink, water, indian ink on cartridge paper


Black and white calligraphy ink, water on cartridge paper

Neither of the images was planned, they grew under my hands. I like the spontaneous element of the crows although they are not perfect. I regret having tried to make them clearer by adding a (very bad) wing.


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