Life Drawings at the Dance Museum

Life drawing sessions at the dance museum in Stockholm have started again. The dancer(s) would move for a while and then stand still in a position for 1-5 min. This time the dancers were obviously not well attuned to each other and new to dancing for a drawing audience – they struggled to find moments to stand still and when they did the positions were awkward and physically demanding for them. Thus the opportunities for us to draw were far between and very short.  Two figures in knotty entanglements is difficult at the best of times – in 2 min, quite out of my league. So I tried to concentrate on one dancer or details. Still, it was frustrating as I lost focus between sketches. I also tried to catch details or movement while they danced but did not succeed.

The following sketches are all 1-2 min, the last one 3min.


In the last of the above I tried to get away from line drawing and instead use shadows from the start in order to get to grips with the shape. It seems like a good strategy although the lighting makes it difficult with regular lighting from all sides.

Something I liked observing was the weight of the positions. Sometimes they would lean the one on the other moving their centre of gravity away from the feet. I found that considering the centre of gravity helped me to position my marks also in more balanced situations. For obvious reasons, these positions were all extremely short.


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