From the Travel Sketchbook

In the OCA student group for this course someone has mentioned a drawing challenge: to draw 100 people in a week. I am tempted. But before committing I wanted to see how much that is – 20 a day – and if I would be up to it. This in mind I used a very long train ride to test it – on the train, on the platform and around the stations where I changed trains. All of the following are A5


Very short sketch, through the train window while stopping


I like the short sketch best, the faces are ok. But with the more complex poses I feel I have forgotten a lot of things I have learned these past months. In almost all the lighting was deplorable for drawing, very hard to distinguish tone.

All of these people were quite still. I think for the challenge it might be difficult to find 20 holding still, unless I draw in a café or similar. I wondered how I cope with people in motion. So I tried that, too:


Waste paper collecting day

Quite a different kettle of fish! There certainly is room for improvement – and what better occasion to practice than accepting the challenge! Start on Monday. I wonder if there are certain techniques or ways of thinking to draw subjects in motion.

Until then, there are plenty of other motives here. And luckily mountains don’t move about much.

Alpstein, Eastern Switzerland. Watersoluble graphite and water. 2xA5
Stacked horizons, water soluble graphite, water brush on cartridge paper
Scatterd settlement,  Kt. Appenzell, Switzerland. Watersoluble graphite



3 thoughts on “From the Travel Sketchbook

  1. Hi Sibylle, I’m also interested in this challenge! My first problem will be finding enough people out here in the countryside so I might have to travel a bit further afield…but it’s a great thing to have a go with and nice to be part of a community effort. I look forward to seeing how you get on – I love your sketches here 🙂

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    1. Great! I’m looking forward to seeing your sketches and to hear your thoughts about the experience! I am thinking of putting my sketches on Instagram – it says something about a hashtag in the description?
      Yes, finding enough people. I thought about that, too…

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  2. Yes, I will use the hashtag on IG and I’m going to London on Monday so will try and scoop up a few folk while I can!! Good to have a focus tho 🙂


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