100 People Challenge, Days 1 + 2

At the end of Day 2 I have learned:

  • Drawing people is so much fun! And it makes me see my fellow humans in a different way. For one it makes me take notice of all the different people, situations, poses…
  • I need to be more careful with proportions, especially in the beginning of a session
  • Learning what lines to draw and which to omit is important.
  • I must try to remember different marks also when drawing quickly.

Almost all pictures are partly drawn from life and then finished from memory when people moved, walked away or someone/something suddenly blocked my view.

Here a selection of the better ones:

Day 1

I was at the carneval and travelled by train, changing trains in two major stations. Lots to see and draw!

My favorite is the man with the drum on his back and his mask in one hand. At the carneval, there were many like him, some on a bike. He spoke to a friend so I had a chance. Apart from the portrait all are very quick sketches in water soluable graphite. I added the water later, when I had time. The portrait has a nice volume, but is not like the original at all.

Day 2

This was much harder. The station was small, I felt observed and the positions were much the same. Also I was very tired after the carneval.

In the distance there was a group of railway officials looking at the tracks in the cold. It was really fun to draw them and trying to show the cold. Sometimes they would squat down or bend down – unusual positions. I would have loved to spend more time with them and to go a bit closer.




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