1oo People Challenge, Day 5

After my discoveries during this challenge the 5th day felt rather shallow. I could not get into that loose and free mode I have come to love and the drawings feel rather stiff. I could not seem to find any fun poses either, apart from the young man sunbathing with his pipe. I guess there are good days and bad days for drawing, too. Maybe I need a new place to got to where I can find new situations to capture.

In the group of three men I like the one on the left, especially his legs. I struggle with legs.


With the 100th drawing in view I decided to visit the ibex instead. Their horns curve majestically and grow at an angle to each other which makes interesting shapes and perspectives. I also intended to capture the strength and power of their bodies. However, they were not cooperative. They shed their winter fur and it being a warm, sunny day they basked in the sun scratching their backs with their horns. It must itch awfully – they moved all the time. Good exercise for moving subjects… One of the youngsters climbed for a bit.



With the challenge done I see that I am hooked. I will definitely continue to draw people and situations to grow my collection and my skill!



4 thoughts on “1oo People Challenge, Day 5

  1. There’s a definite progression and confidence in your drawings – hasn’t it been fun? I too am hooked and it’s been a huge inspiration 🙂

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    1. Yes, it has been tremendous fun and the progression is palpable – at least in terms of confidence. It has opened up for a whole new set of subjects not needing to find ones without people in them 🙂


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