4.3 Hands

I love hands. They are beautiful and very adaptable, able to follow the curve of an object, to make themselves small or large, changing angles in almost all directions. It is equally fascinating to watch them do ordinary things, like toying with a ball, or intricate well learned movements connected with a craft.

So drawing hands to me is wonderful. I like to observe them closely and work out how the positions work. Today, I just drew and enjoyed. Both the subject and the drawing without restrictions. I chose my A3 sketchbook to give myself room to be bold and draw gesturally, working around the shapes until I got a believable hand. It was wonderful! The drawings are larger than life.

I started drawing one hand on its own – first the left one, then the right one. Drawing with my left – weaker – hand worked quite well. I am not very precise with it and hatching does not work at all.  So the mark making is wilder than it would have been had I been able to steer the hand properly, which is a good thing.

Hand 4Hand 2Hand 3

Then I drew my hands holding things, which is when it really got interesting.

Hand 1Hand 5Hand 6


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