Tutor Report 4

Things to keep up

  • Keep experimenting. I like to see the exercises as a starting point for further experiments. They make me do things and reflect on what I do which triggers ideas.
  • Study of other artists: Keep looking at what they do and how they do it. Look at their work analytically and learn from them.


Things to develop

  • Don’t forget the technical aspects of drawing. I tend to be seduced by materials and mediums and the freedom of experimental, expressive work. It is one of my main aims with this course, after all. But there needs to be room for technical development. I think good sketchbook practice would help here. I struggle with that. Try to balance sketchbook work between experimentation, development of ideas and technical practice.
  • I was surprised to see that my tutor only saw “some” tonal variation in my hand sketches and consequently only “some” volume. I read that as meaning tonal variation and volume are developing in my work but I’m not quite there yet. When I looked at the sketches again I understood what she means. There are no really dark darks in most of the hands. More dark tones would help to model the hand. I need to be bolder with the darks.
  • Keep the background in my mind. Not only as an area to fill out, but as a feature and part of the whole picture in itself. In these exercises the background had centre stage. Don’t forget it when it doesn’t anymore!
  • Including a narrative in a picture adds interest. Sometimes I manage that, not sure how, though. It is an intriguing thought and I would like to develop it. Try to use it more consciously.


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