5.2 Using up left over ink

A print and its ghost, quickly sketched into the last of the ink. I like these. There is no pressure, no expectations, I just do and let myself be surprised.

queen of the storm
Etching ink on newsprint


Pulling a second print made it a winter scene:

queen of the storm - ghost




Against the Storm

An intuitively painted picture borne from a very bad mood. I had wetted the paper and smacked on some black ink to see what would happen. I had not the patience to wait for the paint to stop moving but began to make random marks with an upturned metal beaker. The only conscious additions to it are one of the hind legs, the snow and of course the eye.

I like this picture very much. I like its randomness and the way the ram is there although it is not quite right. It leaves a lot for the brain to fill in. It has a force to it that my more conscious drawings lack.

Dem Sturm entgegen
Watercolour, ink and acrylic marker on A4 rough grain watercolour paper

I have made this some weeks back but was not sure if I should put it on my blog. I put it on now because it demonstrates a technique (if such it can be called) that I like very much. Seeing things in random patterns is something I often do, not only in paint but on walls or in the street or in the clouds. Much of my inspiration comes from that.