Ink portraits

Ink is a wonderful medium to loosen up drawing! To this purpose I made myself a new pen out of a short bamboo stick. It makes uneven marks, very thick in the beginning, thin when the ink’s run out. I can also draw with it on its side to make broad bold marks.

These drawings involved a lot of contour drawing I noticed.

The close study for Assignment 1 was a lot of help. I knew what lines I wanted to draw and how. However, none of the first two looks like me. The one in blue ink is a better likeness. In all of them I like the quality of the lines and how they add life to the drawing.

Calligraphy ink Sepia, bamboo and glass pen on A3 cotton watercolour paper


These could possibly be me in my teens. I wonder what it is that makes the blue one look slightly older…


Calligraphy ink Sepia, bamboo pen and brush, A3 cotton watercolour paper
Calligraphy ink blue black, bamboo pen and brush on A3 cotton  watercolour paper

7 thoughts on “Ink portraits

    1. Thank you! That is quite a compliment 🙂
      Ink is a wonderfully soothing medium. Why not try it yourself? If you enjoy the act of drawing the outcome does not really matter. Skill will follow!


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